Each parcel of land and each living unit within a condominium or cooperative in Palm Beach County is assigned a property or parcel control number, called a PCN. It is a unique 17-digit identifier that is used to locate and identify the parcel or unit.

The first two digits identify the county or municipality. If the parcel is in unincorporated Palm Beach County, these numbers will be 00, and if it if is in one of the municipalities, the number will reflect the municipality code (PDF). These two digits are also tied to the taxing district or millage code as verification that the ad valorem tax calculation is in sync.

The next six digits are the range, township, and section. The three groups of two digits reflect components of the Public Land Survey System and places the parcel within a specific square mile. The initial point in Florida is in the capitol, Tallahassee. The relationship between Tallahassee and Palm Beach Count is to the south and east, allowing us to drop the direction indicators on range (42E) and township (44S).

The following two digits denote the subdivision. The numbers are assigned based on the development of a subdivision or a condominium. The assigned number is tallied in chronological order. If a parcel is not in a subdivision, but remains un-platted acreage, the digits remain 00.

These first ten digits of the PCN are termed the SUBID and allow the selection of all the parcels in a development or un-platted parcels in a section.

The next three digits are loosely defined as the block. Definitions can vary. If blocks are identified in a subdivision and they will be part of the legal conveyance, they are noted in this field. In a multi-story condominium with one building, this field may reflect the floor. If a condominium has more than one building, the building number may be placed in this field. If blocks are not required, the number will remain 000.

The final four digits show the parcel or lot. The fourth digit is an assumed point number that is used to capture the genealogy of a parcel when it is split. The last digit or point number is reserved when a parcel is a portion of a full lot.